Dear rebels,

Despite a few hiccups, everything went pretty much according to plan, and everyone is fine! 👭🧑🤝🧑 We were about 200 people sitting on the Uraniastrasse at lunch, and going to meet the people of Zurich (well done outreach team!). Young and old, clowns and doctors, families and students. Special mention to the clowns who set the place on fire!

More than 55 people were arrested by the police in this context. As no response has been received from the Federal Council, we will come back tomorrow. Present at the rebellion,e  Tiago explains his approach “I am afraid for my future, I am afraid of the climate crisis, and I am much less afraid to be arrested".   

From tonight, an online information session will allow you to ask your questions about the rebellion and know how to join us or participate from your home. Everyday at 8:00 pm : click here to log in! 

See you on the streets!

Marie and Jamie, for the media and messaging team.

👉 Here the program of the Rebellion!

What happened today ?

📣 Kidical Mass

Parents and children from the XR Family group occupied the streets with colorful flags, tricycles and painted pebbles. Drawing on the ground and playing ball, the families occupied Uraniastrasse and showed that it is essential to think about future generations. They are the ones who will suffer the consequences of the climate catastrophe.

Photos over here! 

🔥 Sit-in in Uraniastrasse 

200 citizens of all ages sat in the Uraniastrasse in Zurich. In the street and in a peaceful way, they are waiting for an answer from the Federal Council regarding their three demands in connection with the climate crisis. 134 people were arrested by the police. They will come back tomorrown, with others. And you?

Check out the pictures! 

First press release : Bürgerinnen und Bürger lassen sich verhaften, damit der Bundesrat bei der Klimakrise endlich handelt. 

Second press release : 134 people arrested, because the Federal council didn’t declare a climate emergency.

What’s going on tomorrow? (Tuesday, October 5th)

On the occupied sites (Bahnhofstrasse)

👉 12:00 let’s go and sit on the roads, folks 🪑🪴

In town

👉 8:30-10:00: emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action

👉 10:00-12:00: emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action

👉 10:00: Newcomers meeting. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.

👉 11:00: Briefings. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.

Visibility actions (Banners, Posters, etc) 

Stalls (Flyers, etc.)


👉 20:00 : welcome session over Zoom 

You have the right to rebel, too. So leave your daily routine and join us.

We need everybody and we need you. Not later, now!