Today, 200 citizens sat down in a peaceful yet disruptive way on the Uraniastrasse in Zurich. The reason was simple: they are fed up with the fact that the climate crisis is not being handled with the urgency that the situation demands. 134 people were arrested by the police. They did not put up any resistance.

Children, families, elderly people, clowns and health workers: the citizens waited for an answer from the Federal Council to their three demands for almost five hours. As no response was received, they will return tomorrow. And for as long as necessary.

The three demands of Extinction Rebellion:

  • Tell the truth: The Federal Council must officially acknowledge and communicate the existential threat paused by the climate and ecological crisis, as well as its causes and consequences.
  • Act now: The Federal Council must act now to stop the extinction of species and reduce Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
  • Convene citizens’ assemblies: The Federal Council must convene citizens’ assemblies to take the necessary measures against the ecological catastrophe, and to achieve climate justice.

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