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The Plan!

Dear rebels,

Yes, it’s time to rebel. The Federal government did not answer the open letter we sent on June 22nd. It leaves us no other choice than to rebel against climate inaction. Because our lives depend on climate truth to be told, on immediate action to be taken, and on getting a democracy capable of getting us out of this planetary emergency.

So what’s the rebellion’s plan? What is going to happen? When does it start, and how do I prepare best? Here are Cécile and François, from team Mobilisation and team Action, to tell you more about what’s going to happen. 


In this newsletter, you’ll find all relevant, practical information about the rebellion and answers to your main questions. We tell you what to do to best prepare, and what to do to help make it a success! 

Together we are powerful - in this crucial moment, we need you! So leave your desk. Invite your boss. Walk out of school. Switch off the TV. Put down your phone. Get on the streets. Grab a chair. And bring everybody. If you do one thing with your life, do this. Not later, now.


With love and rage,
Marie and Anaïs, for the national newsletter team

What, where, when?

What is happening on the 3rd? And on the 4th? And the next days? Where can I sleep? And where can I eat? Cécile and François told you already a lot about the plan in the video

But of course, you also need to know the exact time and place of everything happening. No worries, we are making a nice programme overview for you. We will add further information as it goes and give you a full and definitive version of the programme in the next newsletter a couple of days before the start of the rebellion. 

What you also need to know

Is the registration compulsory? No, it’s not! But it enables the (slightly frenzied) coordination team to plan as best as possible. And, that’s the best way to make sure you get all the relevant information depending on the role you are ready to take on. So that would be *great* if you could fill in the form

What happens to my data? Please, be assured that we take data confidentiality very seriously. Your data won’t be shared with third parties. Here’s our policy.

And what about Covid? Yes, Covid is still in the air and yes, we take it very seriously. We have a COVID plan to keep rebels and everyone safe. 

How to prepare

Get trained for action! We are organising several non-violent direct action trainings in cities including Lausanne, Zurich, Vevey, Biel and Basel. Have a look here for all dates and registration! And: for those of you who cannot attend a training before the rebellion, no worries: we’ll have further briefings during the opening ceremony as well as briefings for newcomers every morning starting from the 4th, from 10.00 to 11.00 am (see also our programme). They will include a short version of the non-violent direct action training. 

Read the basics! If you already registered, you already got it. Here again the link to our Rebel’s starter pack. It encompasses our demands, our principles and values, our main messages and the most important legal information. A must-read!

Dress yourself! We want to look irresistible when getting arrested or talking to the public. So, open your closet and look through your clothes until you find something that makes you look as if you were going to an important occasion - because you are! Don’t overdo it, stay yourself - we all have different ways of dressing up for an occasion. You’ll find here the list of what is important to bring with you for the rebellion. 

How to help?

We’ve been literally overwhelmed by the amount of people ready to help us!! So overwhelmed that we haven’t managed to get back to all of you. We’re very sorry for this. As we won’t manage to call everybody before the rebellion starts, we invite you to get in touch with us directly. Here how it goes: 

If you want to help even BEFORE the rebellion: We’ve listed here the open roles in each team. Find your role and interest, and get in touch with your contact person. 

Same if you want to help DURING the rebellion: Here are the open roles, as well as the contact person for each team.

You live in Zurich? Last call for joining local mobilisation actions! The more the better to go postering and flyering in the streets of Zurich. Motivated? Then join this Telegram channel which is just dedicated to rebellion promotion in Zurich.

Thank you so much for your help :-)

XR Families

Last but not least, here’s a message from the newly formed XR Families:

Hello everybody!

Families go to Zurich for the Rebellion from October 2nd to 4th!

Do you also want to join the movement without having to choose between activism and family life? Do you also want children to have a real space in the actions? Would you also appreciate support and help with organization and logistics?

We intend to encourage the participation of families at the Rebellion (without legal risk) and make them visible.

Find the family program and register! You can also come meet us on our Signal group

Tell everyone about it. Even people who can’t come can show their support by handing over colorful pebbles!

Time to Rebel! Rebels floated a banner to the ceiling of Zurich HB during rush hour on Wednesday, inviting everyone to the rebellion.