Dear rebels,

Whether you joined us in Zurich last week or supported us from home, THANK YOU

We are starting a well-deserved break before the next phase of mobilisation, full of strong experiences, wonderful encounters and unforgettable proof of courage. But there is no question of stopping! The climate catastrophe is more relevant than ever and every day is decisive. But this break is important because it is an opportunity to regenerate, to meet again, to celebrate, to exchange, to reconnect with the things that make us feel good and then… to reflect and learn from our experiences. All this with the aim to come back stronger, more numerous, and more determined than ever.

Because what happens next won’t happen without you! Remember, to change everything, we need everyone. 

In this newsletter, we tell you all about how you can give feedback on the rebellion and how you can get involved in the organisation and planning of the pursuit of the rebellion. 

👂 Give your feedback! 

Share how you experienced these last weeks, what you liked, what you regret, what made you come or, on the contrary, what made you run away. Your feedback is valuable so that all the teams who worked on this rebellion in Zurich can progress and improve.

➡️ To meet members of the coordination team face-to-face and give them your feedback, a meeting will be organised on Sunday 24 October 2021in Bern. Sign up here
➡️ You can’t be there? Then feel free to fill  in the feedback form. It’s here

👫👫 Join the working groups

For all those who would like to be actively involved at national level, please save this date: 12 November 2021 at 19:00. The different national working groups (finance, legal, media, mobilisation, regeneration, self-organisation system) as well as the team that will take over the coordination of the upcoming rebellion, invite you to an online meeting. Come and find out about their work, how you can get involved and contribute your skills to what will surely become the biggest citizen uprising in this country. 

➡️ You can register here. We promise to send you the rest of the info very soon!

✊ Get ready for what’s next!

And in the meantime, prepare yourself and those around you for what’s to come: 

➡️ Become a professional rebel, learn about Extinction Rebellion’s strategy by reading the FAQ and the Rebel Starter pack.
➡️ (re)start talking about the rebellion around you, mobilize your loved ones, etc. Here’s a whole bunch of resources to find out how. 

⌛️ We look forward to pursuing the rebellion with you. Together we have a mission to accomplish and time is running out! 

❤️ Take care, we’ll see you soon. 

With love and rage
Cécile and Marie for the newsletter team who are taking a well-deserved break :-)