Scientists are unanimous. The sixth mass extinction is underway.

Faced with the complacency of our elected officials, this Thursday, June 6, we will take a spectacular action of non-violent civil disobedience before the federal Parliament.

The beginning of this summer’s session is an opportunity to remind them of the duties and obligations they have sworn to respect, as explicitly stipulated in the Federal Constitution of April 18th 1999:

Art. 2 Purpose […] It promotes common prosperity, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, internal cohesion and cultural diversity in the country. […] It is committed to the SUSTAINABLE CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES and to a JUST and peaceful INTERNATIONAL ORDER.

No one should ignore the law.

Dress code - Black clothes as we mourn, if possible flowers to throw on the blood pool

Gathering point - 07:00 Bahnhofplatz - Bern

The train(s) coming from: Neuchâtel arrives at 06:52 am Lausanne, Lucerne and Geneva arrive at 06:56 Zurich arrives at 06:58 am

We will quietly walk towards the Bundesplatz, thinking of all the living beings who are already dying from the consequences of pollution, the destruction of natural habitats, intensive hunting and fishing, agricultural production methods and climate change.

Arrived in front of the Parliament entrance: We will spill “blood” We will lie down in the public space, simulating death, in homage to the victims of past and present ecocides To urge our government to take urgent, concrete and necessary measures to preserve the life

We will act with calm and caution and strictly NON-VIOLENTLY, both verbally and physically. If the “police forces” decide to block access to parliament, we will not force the way but will act at the feet of the representatives of the police forces.

MOST IMPORTANT: under no circumstances will we touch the walls of the Bundeshaus, which are made of sandstone, a material that would immediately absorb “blood”, with enormous renovation costs.

Join us!

Do not bring your phones, computers, etc. or store them somewhere near the train station in a locker. Bring your ID/passport/permit. The police is allowed to ask your name, place you live, birthdate, profession, but you don’t have to indicate where you work. If we are controlled do not resist but collaborate and give your ID for control of your identity otherwise the police might increase repression or take you to the police station what in this case won’t be very useful. REMEMBER: XR HAS NO LEADER; NOBODY IS IN CHARGE.

Die-in on the Federal Platz : very little risk (it is a public space), including for foreigners. Die-in in front of the parliament entrance : If we are present without obstructing the entrance, calmly and non-violently, the politicians can enter easily and are not “scared off”, we risk 600.- fine for all the group and that is all. Risks for foreigners and Swiss are similar. People lying on the street or holding the banners might have a bigger risk. They could commit a criminal offence, a violation of the Road Traffic Act, and an administrative offence (« increased » use of the public domain). It is likely that person with no criminal record will be sentenced to a monetary penalty (~fine), probably with a suspended sentence. However, in theory, a prison sentence, with or without suspension, is possible.

In case you are taken to the police station:

The interview begins with the arrest and the transport; therefore do not make any statements, not even outside the police station! In the event of a body search, insist that you be inspected by someone of the same sex. This is not your right (in the canton of Berne), but you can still demand it! Only a doctor may examine the body orifices! Check the list of your belongings carefully, but refuse to sign it! Claim the right to get any written documents as well as films, photos and videos sealed! You have the right to refuse Polaroid photos and fingerprints without the permission of an examining magistrate! Note: Basically make use of your right to refuse to testify! Just say what you have to say: Name, first name, date of birth, address, home town, parents’ name, occupation but not place of work! For all other questions, you have the right not to answer, even if the police make you believe otherwise. Don’t give in to bluffs and blackmail! Just respond « I have nothing to declare »! Don’t sign anything because you don’t have to! You also have a right to request a translater. When you’re free again, immediately write down all that happened so you don’t forget.