Dear rebels,
Red rebels, concerts, die-ins: no doubt, the rebellion has begun! It will be colourful, it will be peaceful and it will last as long as necessary.

Every evening, the media team will let you know about what happened during the day. We are super motivated and probably a little tired. But we’re very excited to keep you updated! So stay tuned, join us and share on your social networks.

β†’ Here’s the program of the rebellion!Β 

What happened today

πŸ“£ The opening ceremony!

From 11am, more than 350 people gathered in the Zeughaushof for the opening ceremony. Speeches, concerts, training sessions, briefings: it was busy and joyful! You can find our media release here!

πŸ”₯ Spectacular die-in at Zurich main station - featuring Red Rebels!

Following today’s opening ceremony for the start of the rebellion, around 250 people laid down on the ground in the hall of Zurich Main Station at 6pm. Their action was accompanied by the impressive Red Rebels! You can see all the photos here, and find the videos here!

What happens tomorrow (Monday, 4 October)

Tomorrow is the big day!!! At 12 noon sharp, the rebels will take to the streets.

At the place
πŸ‘‰12:00: We are sitting on the street!!! πŸͺ‘πŸͺ΄

In the city
πŸ‘‰8:30-10:00: Emotional and physical support - workshops to prepare actions.
πŸ‘‰10:00-12:00: Emotional and physical support - workshops to prepare actions
πŸ‘‰10:00: Meeting for newcomers. Platzspitzpark, just behind the National Museum.
πŸ‘‰11:00: Catch-up briefings. Platzspitzpark, just behind the Landesmuseum.
πŸ‘‰11h45: XR family cycling from the station to the occupation site in a “kiddical mass”.
πŸ‘‰11:00-12:00: Briefing for visibility actions (with banners, posters, etc).
All day: stalls (leaflets, etc.), visibility actions
πŸ‘‰17:30-18:30: Devotion, prayer session or silent meditation (organised by Christian Climate Action, but all faiths welcome!)
πŸ‘‰Between 18:00-21:00: Empathy circles and debriefings.

πŸ‘‰20:00 Welcome session on Zoom

πŸ‘‰ You have the right to rebel, too. So leave your daily routine and join us. We need everybody and we need you. Not later, now!