Dear rebels,

That’s it ! Here we are ! We’ve all been talking about it for weeks, if not months now, and the rebellion will finally begin in a few days. The excitement is palpable, work groups are in full swing and rebels are signing up for various roles. Currently, at least 300 people have signed up for activities ranging from being guardian angels to handing out flyers to passersby to sitting in the streets and being arrested. 

On Monday, October 4 at 12h sharp, we will sit on the streets in the centre of Zurich and wait for an answer from the Federal Council regarding our three demands. These are our only and last chance to save the future of mankind, our families, our friends and the living earth as a whole. There is no exaggeration behind this. 

We have to decarbonise the economy in the next 3 to 4 years and stop the current system of mass extinction, because this is what the science tells us. This is the inconvenient truth. Only a miracle can help us getting out of this mess. The good news is: miracles happen.

In this newsletter, you find the complete program of the rebellion, with the timing, the places and the activities. In short:

  • Saturday, October 2: the set-up starts and some activities already take place
  • Sunday, October 3: the opening ceremony takes place from 11h until approximately 16.30h at Zeughaushof, 8 minutes by foot from the main train station in Zurich
  • From Monday, October 4 onwards, the rebellion starts! ! Besides the sit-in itself, there will also be visibility activities, briefings, moments of emotional support and stands in different places of the city. We still need people to support us in the different activities. Don’t hesitate to register yourself to find your role

The police are informed, we are regularly exchanging in a courteous way. It is up to the police to decide what they want to do, there will be no surprises from our end. We are peaceful and disciplined. 

Courage, dignity, love and honor… We all have these characteristics in our center, even if they might sound a bit old fashioned. And well, this is the moment to bring out the old-fashioned! Let’s search our rage deep in ourselves, let’s take our days off, let’s put a smile on our faces, and join the rebellion.

With love and rage,
Jamie and Marie for the team of the national newsletter


What is happening on the 2nd and the 3rd? And on the 4th? And the next days? Cécile and François told you already about the general plan in the video, but here’s more information. Be careful, you find here the most updated version of the programme.


XR Family sets up camp (their program // contact)
⏱14:30-16:00 | Münsterbrücke -> Rathausbrücke, Zürich | The Planet is Sick | March & theater play by the Doctors for Extinction Rebellion

📆🎪 SUNDAY 3 OCTOBER · Opening Ceremony (authorized)· 📍ZEUGHAUSHOF (close to Summergarte)

Programme of the Ceremony
Organized by “ Wenn nicht wir, wer sonst ?”
The Summergarte restaurant will be open from 11.30 to eat

⏱11:00: “gates” open
⏱11:20: opening speech (DE + FR)
⏱12:00: pause
⏱12:30: speech by Prof. Julia Steinberger (EN) (lead author for the IPCC and UNIL in the faculty of geosciences and environment)
⏱13:15: concert
⏱14:15: speech by Eugen Schmid (DE) (theologian & rebel)
⏱14:30: speech by Guillermo Fernandez (DE + FR) (father of 3, who will be starting a hunger strike on Nov. 1st)
⏱15:00: concert
⏱16:00: closing speech (DE + FR)
⏱16:15: concert (DJ)
⏱17:00 end of the event

Briefing Programme
Zeughaushof-Park (Labyrinthplatz) and around

⏱13:00-15:00 Briefing session for “Media & Messaging”
⏱13:00-15:00 Briefing session for peacekeepers
⏱14:00-16:00 Briefing “Visibility, Mobilisation & Outreach”
⏱15:00-15:30 Briefing session for legal observers
⏱15:00-16:00 Briefing session for emotional support + arrestee support
⏱15:00-16:30 Training for police liaison
⏱15:00-17:00 Briefing session for arrestable rebels

⏱13:00-16:00  TRAINING IN NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION | Klimaanlage Kirche
⏱17:00: First visibility action “wir spielen mit dem Feuer”/ “Playing with fire”
⏱18:00: Action in the central station for all + Creative action “Cultural Outing” featuring the Red Rebels (description and registration here)

Camp site at Hinteregg. Last train from Zurich Stadelhofen at 00:30. Please sign up here if you want to stay at the camp.


On the occupied sites
⏱12:00 let’s go and sit on the roads, folks
In town
⏱8:30-10:00:  emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action
⏱10:00-12:00:  emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action
⏱10:00: Newcomers meeting. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.
⏱11:00: Catch-up briefings. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.
⏱11h45: XR family bikes down from the train station to the occupation site in a “kiddical mass” (their program // contact)
⏱11:00-12:00: Briefing for visibility actions (banners, posters, etc.)
⏱All day long: stalls (Flyers, info point, etc.), visibility actions (banners, posters)
⏱17:30-18:30: Interfaith silent prayer and meditation (organised par Christian Climate Action)
⏱Between 18h00-21h00: Empathie Circles and Debriefing

⏱20:00 Welcome session over Zoom


On the occupied sites
⏱12:00 let’s go and sit on the roads, folks
In town
⏱8:30-10:00:  emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action
⏱10:00-12:00:  emotional and physical support - workshops to get ready for action
⏱10:00: Newcomers meeting. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.
⏱11:00: Briefings. Platzspitz park, juste behind the Landesmuseum.
Visibility actions (Banners, Posters, etc) 
Stalls (Flyers, etc.)

⏱20:00 welcome session over Zoom

Last call before the rebellion

If you want to help DURING the rebellion: Here are the open roles, as well as the contact person for each team.

⚠️ IMPORTANT INFORMATION: everyone that registered received an information mail. For the users of Protonmail, it could be that this mail ended up in your spam folder. Move it from the spam folder into your inbox, and you will receive the next mails directly into your inbox.

Bringing the Rebellion to the whole city of Zurich? Last call to join the visibility and mobilization actions! The more we are, the more we can reach! Dozens of very explicit banners to attract the attention of the population and dialogue with them and thousands of posters and flyers are waiting to be spread in every corner of the city! Motivated? Then join this Telegram channel which is dedicated to this type of action only. 

What exactly will the visibility actions look like during the Rebellion? Everything you dream of and are willing to do in terms of creativity in the public space, massive displays, hanging banners, etc. And anything that is relevant to get the attention of the population outside the sites and to make sure that as many people as possible understand what is Extinction Rebellion!  

🌏 Concretely?

 What works best is to engage with the population after having attracted their attention, for example: By displaying a huge banner representing the IPCC climate scenarios in the street and explaining what it is all about spontaneously to pedestrians. Or by playing a ball game in the middle of the Zurich train station to illustrate the dangerous and unconscious game we are playing with the climate. 

This guide (FR/DE) explains the key elements for successful actions and interactions with the population! 

🌏 More concretely?

🔥We have a lot of banners, more or less huge, thousands of posters and flyers and all of them should be in the streets of Zurich next week. 
🔥It’s up to you what you want to do, either taking no legal risk or just a little 😉
🔥We need people with various talents (Playing a ball game, knowing how to make glue or even knowing how to hang a 9 meter long banner to a building…) 

🌏 And even more concretely:

☄️See you on Sunday at 2pm for the general briefing of visibility and stands
☄️Not there Sunday? See you every following day at 11 am at the Pestalozzi Stand (on Bahnhofstrasse)


Get trained for action! There are still some training before the rebellion. Have a look here for all dates and registration! And: for those of you who cannot attend a training before the rebellion, no worries: we’ll have further briefings during the opening ceremony as well as briefings for newcomers every morning starting from the 4th, from 10.00 to 11.00 am. They will include a short version of the non-violent direct action training. 

Read the basics! If you already registered, you already got it. Here again the link to our Rebel’s starter pack. It encompasses our demands, our principles and values, our main messages and the most important legal information. A must-read!

Subscribe to the Telegram channel. To receive all the important information directly and fast, we recommend that you subscribe to this group on the Telegram app for smartphones. If you don’t have this app, you also find the relevant information on our social networks, which are updated regularly and real time.

Bring your things. There are a couple of objects and materials that you need to bring with you. To make it easy, we made you a “packing list”. Here is the list.


🏡 at the HABITANT-E of Zurich 🏡 On this platform you will find the addresses of Zurich residents who are ready to welcome you on their sofa, bed or garden.  

⛺️ at CAMP ⛺️ (in Hinteregg 25min by train from Zürich. Please register HERE

🏨 HOTEL / HOSTEL 🏨 HERE you will find an overview of cheap hotels / hostels. 


Take your mask and your COVID-Pass with you. It’s not mandatory but will allow you to participate in all the activities offered inside.

You can find the COVID test centers in ZH here: click here. 

ℹ️ More info HERE