Hereby, we invite you all as individuals or as an organization to our official ceremonial declaration of rebellion on the 13th of April 2019 in Bern in front of the Federal place (Bundesplatz).

During this event we invite all people in Switzerland to join us for this important day. This day will allow us to show the government and the society that a wide number of organizations, no matter how diverse, stand together and join forces for change.

Now what is this declaration of rebellion we are talking about? For many years have we been warned about climate change, some warnings going back to the 70s*, and now we stand on the edge of extinction and of an unprecedented global emergency. All the while, nothing is changing institutionally. So far, our governments are failing spectacularly at protecting us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got. We are therefore calling on you to join our mass mobilization to rebel non-violently against the destruction of our livelihood. To tell the world that we will not stand by anymore as our planet is killed beneath our feet.

To learn more about this movement and our three demands: []

• Please help us mobilize as many people as possible so we can make a clear statement to our government, that the change we need is urgent. Everyone is invited to join our declaration to make a clear statement that we all work together and we do not stop putting pressure on our government. • You are all free to bring flyers and stickers of your own organization. If your organization does not officially support the declaration of rebellion, meaning supports our three demands although your own demand might differ, we kindly ask you to please not bring your own big banners and flags from your own organization, as we want to make a clear statement for a system change as asked in our three demands. • This is an event with permission from the police, as the declaration is an official invite to every person to join our rebellion for a system change. We do not support any violent or illegal activities during our declaration.

*Source (in french)