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** Note that the training will be held in French**

Many of the freedoms we enjoy today would never have come about without movements or individuals acting to assert their legitimacy. From Martin Luther King to Otpor in Serbia, from Gandhi to Rosa Parks, history shows us that non-violent direct action, when properly structured, is a formidable force for achieving justice in a timely and effective manner.

The current challenge is the climate emergency. Policies are slow to act and it will soon be too late to prevent half of our planet becoming uninhabitable by 2100. To ensure a future for our children, we must act NOW, and we must train ourselves to act in resilient and effective ways.

Extinction Rebellion offers this training to help you understand and feel comfortable with nonviolent direct action.


  • To present the reasons for using nonviolent direct action
  • To create a space of trust in the action where your concerns are taken into account.
  • To present the elements necessary for successful nonviolent direct action.
  • Learn how to organise yourself into autonomous groups, making choices in accordance with your own conscience.
  • To have an overview of the risks and legislation.
  • Present the strategy of the Extinction Rebellion movement